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Eastside Tour
May 27, 2011, 5:22 am
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For seven days, I biked along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, on highway 395, testing the idea of using a bicycle to approach a climb and savoring the dramatic eastside environment that has lodged itself in my heart.

On the first account, I learned a lot, but I was not fully successful. On the second account, the trip was a glittering success. With only one week available, I compromised on the ideal of starting from my front door, by driving over the Sierra crest and starting the bike ride from Bridgeport, CA. From there, I rode south, through snow and unseasonably cold temperatures, and discovered that the cycling left me too exhausted to contemplate a significant one-day mountain ascent like I had planned. But I continued on to Bishop, enjoyed a rest day and then began the return ride to Bridgeport. I did do some bouldering along the way and I was able to spend one morning getting to around 11,000 feet on the Wheeler Crest before getting my feet back on the pedals. It was an amazing experience and I will continue to explore the use of a bike to get to the mountains when we move to Boulder next month. Coincidently, I found a recent article, “The Original ‘Mountain’ Bikers”, in Alpinist magazine that focuses on this very topic.